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About us:

NURAN is a non-profit, non-political association that was established by a number of Jerusalemite volunteers in 2007.  This was the realization of a dream they always had.  Their dream was to provide Emergency Medial First Response and humanitarian assistance to the citizens and visitors of Jerusalem in times of need and crisis.  Inspired by the inadequate and delayed official ambulance service, Nuran has proved itself as a leader in educating the people of Jerusalem to deal with emergency situations and how to implement life-saving measures prior to the ambulances arrival.  This was archived despite the situation and difficulties in Jerusalem.

NURAN’s various activities were welcomed and well appreciated by the residents of Jerusalem. These volunteer activities included the immediate Emergency Medial First Response services of the first responder units, as well as providing first aid courses for schools and the public, as well as nutrition classes, disaster awareness lectures, first aid at the Haram Al Sharief during Friday and Ramadhan prayers and summer camp field trip escorts.

The absence of financial support was compensated by the deep dedication and energy of our volunteers.  This was driven by their love for Jerusalem.  The realization of the lack of essential Emergency Medical Services, personal experiences, the uniqueness of Jerusalem with its narrow streets inaccessible to vehicles and the lack of exact addresses also helped to motivate our volunteers. 

NURAN is making maximum efforts to provide the above mentioned services, and to make these services accessible to everyone no matter who he is, where he lives or what his beliefs are.  The dignity and welfare of Jerusalem and its citizens will always be our main goal. 

NURAN is a true translation of this goal …


The Nuran Association’s main objectives: 

1.      Helping the needy.

2.      Participating in public events.

3.      First aid and emergency education.

4.      Providing first response emergency medical teams with the necessary medical equipment.

5.       Establishing a training center.

6.      Train first aid instructors and supervisors.

7.      Provide family escorts (translation and help).

8.      School and summer camp trip escorts.


To continuously improve our performance and service, we need to review the accomplishments of last year. Nuran   activities and events in chronological order since the end of January 2007 until december 2008 are shown below.

We believe that neither barriers nor politics should prevent us form achieving our goals.
We believe that cooperation with the population is a key factor in the success of our efforts. We believe that education is an important factor in the progress of our society. With determination and humanitarian efforts we believe we can achieve our goals.


  2007 Copyright NURAN
All rights reserved under national and international copyright laws